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The Little Green Book of Big Savings

For emerging environmentalists, eco-activists, healthy living enthusiasts and people who simply want to start living a greener lifestyle - if you want to reduce your ecological footprint, save money, improve your health and support local businesses, then The Little Green Book of Big Savings is for you.

The Little Green Book of Big Savings is your guide and coupon book for green living. It contains eco-friendly tips, resources and coupons worth over $4,000 in savings and freebies that will encourage and inspire you to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

The power to lessen our environmental impact is within each one of us. Some experts believe we have ten years to reverse ecological damages before climate change is beyond repair. The products we buy every day have a tangible impact on our world. Eco-friendly products are healthier for you and for the planet in which we live, and when large numbers of consumers buy green products the market responds with greater variety, more innovation and lower prices.

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The coupons in this book showcase local retailers whose products and services: reduce landfill waste; have a positive impact on the environment; involve fair trade or natural products; increase positive health, well being and personal growth, or embrace art, culture and entertainment.

Not sure where to dispose of batteries and light bulbs? Want to know how to reduce unwanted junk mail and marketing calls to your home? Wondering what an 'offset' is? You'll find the answers, as well as many actions you can take today for a greener tomorrow, all in this portable book of savings.

The Little Green Book of Big Savings is printed on post-consumer recycled paper. It was made with love by Allison ‘BabyG’ Greenbaum. She created this book to support her community and help people reduce their environmental impact. All coupons expire on December 31, 2017. Retailers are located in downtown Toronto, primarily between Dufferin to Yonge and Dupont to King.

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Stay tuned for our GTA-wide second edition where you’ll find more coupons, tips, resources and neighbourhood maps. If your local business or organization in Torronto would like to be part of...

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What's Inside?
What's Inside?

There are over $4,000 in free stuff and savings from locally owned businesses whose products and services are beneficial to your health and the well being of our Planet..

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