Let The Little Green Book of Big Savings save you money this holiday season.

The Little Green Book of Big Savings

You can make your purchase on-line through a secured PayPal link. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. Your shipment will arrive at your door within 2-4 business days.

Coupons are vaild until December 31st but don't let this deter you from getting the book because the majority of the coupons will save you more than the book's purchase price in a single use. No where else will you find numerous free treatments and up to 50% OFF at local retailers, making it a worthwhile investment up to the very last day of the year. The tips and resources will also save you money on your energy and water bills for years to come.

* NEW PRICE! * You can now receive over $4,000 in savings for only three fives ($15)! This is an amazing deal that you shouldn't miss out on. Live green, healthy and sustainably while supporting local businesses for less than the cost of an average dinner. Purchase your copy today to start saving for the holidays! Feel free to share coupons with your family, friends and co-workers.

Part of the proceeds are given to non-profit environmental organizations and local businesses.

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The coupons in this book showcase local retailers whose products and services: reduce landfill waste; have a positive impact on the environment; involve fair trade or natural products; increase positive health, well being and personal growth, or embrace art, culture and entertainment.

Not sure where to dispose of batteries and light bulbs? Want to know how to reduce unwanted junk mail and marketing calls to your home? Wondering what an 'offset' is? You'll find the answers, as well as many actions you can take today for a greener tomorrow, all in this portable book of savings.

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Stay tuned for our GTA-wide second edition where you’ll find more coupons, tips, resources and neighbourhood maps. If your local business or organization would like to be part of...

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What's Inside?
What's Inside?

There are over $4,000 in free stuff and savings from locally owned businesses whose products and services are beneficial to your health and the well being of our Planet..

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Coupon Updates
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Things change, here's the coupon updates!
Cindy J., RMT has moved out of the city. Please contact Ann Russell, RMT for your 1/2 hour of massage FREE...


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