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Stay tuned for the second edition which will be released in April (Earth Month). This book will incorporate more locally owned green restaurants, businesses, products, service providers, neighbourhood maps, green living tips, resources and much, much more.

Hello, my name is Allison 'BabyG' Greenbaum. I'm a 34 year old entrepreneur who was born and raised in Toronto. After traveling the world for 7 years, including volunteering in New Orleans for 2 months following Hurricane Katrina, I've seen the natural beauty of our environment and the complete destruction made by natural disasters.

When I came back to Toronto I wanted to spend my time and energy working on something that would truly make a difference to our world. I figured since the cost of living is so high I'd make a product to help people save money on products and services that are good for their health and good for the environment.

I also wanted to promote locally owned businesses since shopping from them keeps money circulating in our community, resulting in a stronger economy with more vibrant and unique shops.

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Allison Greenbaum

President of A Greentree Co.
Creator and Publisher of
The Little Green Book of Big Savings
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